Starts with a Song…

I was introduced to foreign languages in high school. My French teacher got me off to the right start, but the class environment didn’t do much for me with regards to actually using a language to talk to real people. Naturally, I became hopelessly bored and frustrated with French. In my free time, though, I’d pick up a bit of Russian here and there using resources like and YouTube (music was always the first thing I’d enjoy about a language, so I’d listen to pop songs). Eventually, I moved to what I thought was the most linguistically bland city I had ever visited in my military childhood: Sumter, South Carolina. I breezed through high school unnoticed in my own small corner of every classroom, and by fate, met some pretty cool people whose relatives spoke Tagalog and Thai. I took a liking to the people, food (Filipino pansit and Thai curry were my loves for some time), and especially, the languages. I dug into the dialects, some history, and music of these two distinct tongues. Before I knew it, speaking Spanish, Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese, French, and other languages was not just a fun way to kill time. It was, and will remain, my lifelong passion. I also love singing, so I’ll be sharing a bit of that along with my progress here as well. This should be fun. (:​



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